183. Do not raise football stupid

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Soccer is fine, but in fact it is bad to throw the ball.

I can not go upward.

It is not possible to rotate forward and backward.

I can not change sideways.

Actually it is a story to listen well (sweat)

I am not Mr. Nishimoto yesterday, but how do I use my body?

Whatever you are really good at using, you feel a sense.

Then what do you do?

Although it is natural talk, if children, playing with the body from a childhood is to play.

Running around in tags, climbing trees in nature, running around in vacant lots (meadow).


I feel the scent of plants.

Listen to the sound when stepping on dead leaves.

Take the frost pillar by hand.

It is also important to feel the seasonal nature with five senses.

The theme park is also nice, but please move with your body playing in the park.

Play with my brothers and friends in the park. Play with parents and children.

Children are genius of play, so even if we leave it alone, we devise and will play.

I will touch what I’m interested in.

I run and feel the wind.

The amusement park is also pleased with paying high money, but nearby parks can not manage to go well ~.

Lessons are also important, but think about themselves and play as you like.

The game is also good, but go out and play.

The body as well as the mind grows up.

I will be a football stupid if I only play soccer ~ 😆

I wish you a happy day for you all day today.

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182. Nishimoto miracle that taught directly from one of the theory of the elementary school.

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

I am feeling happiness that I can receive Mr. Nishimoto’s lecture for 2 consecutive days.

Yesterday was experienced by Shirayuri ‘s children, and I experienced myself today.

The real “running” means shaking the so-called land-like arms that I have learned until now, raising my knees! It is not the way to run.

Even more constantly in football where the situation changes steadily.

When surprising and happy feelings came up when I saw the children ‘s running rapidly changing with Mr. Nishimoto’ s lecture.

It is a ball fight that can not be avoided by soccer, but both children and parents who participated in this event were scales lectures from the eye.

What I thought was common sense until now is very fun when I was overthrown! However, children also heard the voice “Funny Pictures!” “Suga!”

Even if your body is small you can win big opponent! I was able to experience it.

Mr. Nishimoto gets a bit of voice and the movement improves steadily as he gets a piece! There is so much change in just one hour.

Although there is also flexibility and absorption ability of children, Nishimoto theory which teacher ‘s attracted words and common sense are overwhelmed by the whole venue was able to share a very meaningful time.

Anyway, yesterday ‘s workshop came to Isehara not only from Kanagawa, but also from Osaka, Tokyo, Chiba and many other participants.

In addition, people from various sports such as football, bicycle ring, triathlon, and trainer gathered.

Truly, J-League and professional baseball players race players, professional athletes to amateurs, and yesterday to children! What? I respect Mr. Nishimoto who is widely active.

Finally, I always met Mr. Nishimoto and feel it,

“People in front of us will get better!”

It is passion.

I have never met such a person to convey such a fever.

It was a happy two days I was stimulated very much.

Thank you very much!


I wish you a happy day for you today.


(^ _-) – ☆ 


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181. People are not dependent on their appearance

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

At the Japan Kids Coaching Association , there are five dispositions that human beings are born in nature, of which “delicate type” has a gentle and delicate image among them.


I read too much of the surrounding air,

I was too concerned about the expressions of the people around me,

I am too tender and can not assert itself. . .


In this way, it is a delicate type with a gentle and delicate image on the surface, but in fact it holds a strong will and passion secreted in it.


Because there is a tendency to care about surrounding eyes, there are aspects that it is difficult to act quickly, but this type is also able to do without fail once it is decided once.

It is because planning ability and drivability, once advanced, there is also the ability to involve surroundings.

I would like to take care of my own pace by avoiding directive orders for such delicate type children.


With passion secret within, it will be a successful person who contributes to people in the future.


May day today be a day with new discoveries for you.


(^ _-) – ☆ 


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180. Make the “spirit of Japanese” to football

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

It is the Constitution of Article 17 that Prince Shotoku made at the beginning of the 7th century, but at the beginning of Article 1,


“Together with harmony”


Will come out.

Furthermore, in Article 10


“Because there is a difference in people’s ideas, even if the ideas of others are different, they do not get angry.”


Still further in Article 17, …


“Do not become arbitrary and discuss well with others”


It is stated.


Of course, contrasting with this is “Westernism” individualism.

Individualism should not be denied, it is rather an important way of thinking.

Although it is not said that which is correct, it is undeniable that the past education of Japan has tended to be struck because the synchronization pressure is too strong.


Given the future trend of globalization, balance is important.


  • Self assertion firmly telling your thoughts to people


  • Accept the difference with people


  • Listen to the opinions of others and find solutions


  • I feel that all living things are connected


  • I know that my pleasure is my pleasure


As a planet, as a Japanese, I want to cherish.

“Spirit of Japanese”

If you could learn these through football. . .

Honor the harmony while respecting individuals.

Soccer team is not the only football team.

To the forefront.


May all day be full of joy for you today.


(^ _-) – ☆ 


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179.If you score, I will buy you〇〇.

Good morning. キッズのスペシャリスト、てっちゃんコーチです。Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

いつもいつも話していることで、またこの話?Is this story always talking all the time? ってなりますけど、すみません。I will excuse you, but I’m sorry.

外発的動機づけと内発的動機づけの話をまたしなければなりません。We must also talk about extrinsic motivation and endogenous motivation.

「シュートを決めたら〇〇を買ってくれるんだ~!」“If I score, parents will buy __


「だからがんばる!」“So try hard!”

いやいや~!No, no! どうしてそうなる!How come so! What?

モチベーションは自分の心から湧き出るものであってほしい。I want motivation to spring from my heart.

外からの動機づけでサッカーをやってほしくない。I do not want you to play soccer with motivation from outside.


そもそもなぜシュートだけ!Why just only score ! What?

じゃあ、守る人は?Then, who guards you?


で、外発的なモチベーションで育つとどうなるか?So, what will happen if you grow up with extrinsic motivation?


際限が無くなります。The limit will be gone. . .


次は何を買ってくれるの?What will you buy next?

え?Huh? お菓子だけ?Only sweets? ゲームソフトも付けてよ!Game software too!


そして、親が子どもにサッカーを頑張らせたいのが目的だったのに、And although parents wanted their children to work hard for football,

ご褒美をもらうためにサッカーを頑張る!I will work hard for football to receive rewards! When


目的がすり替わります。The purpose is changed.


自分の子どもしか目に入らなくて、他の子どもはどうでもよくて、Only children of their own can not be seen, other children do not matter,

自分の子どもがシュートを決めればよくて、他の子どもはどうでもよくて、I hope my child score, nothing about any other children,

自分の子どもさえ活躍すればよくて、他の子どもはどうでもよくて、Even my child only needs to be active, other children do not care,

他の親から自分の子どもが褒められれば、自分は満足。I was satisfied myself if my child could praise from other parents.


何のためにサッカーというチームスポーツをやっているのか。For what purpose do you play team sports called soccer? . .


もうちょっと距離を取って俯瞰して全体を見てほしいな~と思います。I’d like you to take a little more distance and see the whole thing.

「チームの子どもは全員自分の子ども」“All children of the team are their own children”

こんな感覚を保護者みんなが持っているチームは魅力的だし、The team that all parents have such a feeling is attractive,

子どもがのびのびと育ちます。Children grow up freely.


がんばってるね!you’re trying so hard! って声をかける。I say a voice.

楽しんでるね!you are enjoying it! って声をかける。I say a voice.

Iメッセージで、嬉しな!I am pleased with the message! って声をかける。I say a voice.

嬉しさや幸せを表現してギューっと抱きしめる。Express joy and happiness and embrace chews.

これらをたまにじゃなくて、いつもやる。I do this occasionally, I always do.

そうしたら、子どもは嬉しくなってThen the child will be glad

どんどん自分から主体的にやるんだけどな。I will do it on my own initiative. . .


今日1日があなたにとって気付きの1日になりますように。May one day be a wonderful day for you today.




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178. Why is growth of children = growth of parents?

Good morning. キッズのスペシャリスト、てっちゃんコーチです。 Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

グローバル化が加速度的に進み、地球規模で人、物、お金、情報が社会移動する時代に入っています。 Globalization has advanced at an accelerated pace, and we are entering an era in which people, goods, money and information move societally on a global scale.

価値観の多様化が今までとは比べ物にならないくらい進み、同時に個人の自己責任が非常に重要視される事になりました。 The diversification of values ​​has advanced far beyond comparing with the past, and at the same time individual responsibility has become very important.

そのような時代背景において、個人 ( こども ) の成長を左右するものは何か。 In such age background, what determines the growth of individuals ( children ) ?

それは、 that is,

子どもが育つ環境であり、 It is an environment where children grow up,

ライフスタイルであり、 It is a lifestyle,

センス、あり方など Sense, ideal way, etc.

家庭の文化資本です。 It is the cultural capital of the home.


もちろん、学校や習い事など家庭以外の影響も少なくありませんが、 Of course, there are not many influences other than home such as school and lessons,

基本的には、一番長い時間を濃く過ごす家庭は成長の拠点です。 Basically, families spending the longest time are the base of growth.


家庭の文化資本によって獲得された言語パターン、行動パターン、思考パターンは子どもに大きな影響をもたらします。 Language patterns, behavior patterns, and thought patterns acquired by the cultural capital of the family have a major impact on children.


昔は、家庭・学校・地域社会が深い依存状態、依存関係にありました。 In the past, families, schools, and communities were deeply dependent and dependent.

しかし、今日ではそれぞれが相対的に自律した存在になっています。 However, today each is relatively autonomous.


子どもの成長は家庭で決まり、 Child’s growth is decided at home,


親の成長と比例するのです。 It is proportional to the growth of parents.


あなたの価値観を子どもも受け継ぐのです。 Children will inherit your values.

その伝わり方は、昔よりもダイレクトになっています。 Its way of being transmitted is more direct than it used to be.

私も気を付けます。 I will be careful too. . .


今日1日があなたにとって幸せな1日となりますように。 I wish you a happy day for you today.


伊勢原に国産木材でスタジアムを作る Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber

177. Children of Silk Road ‘s shining eyes’

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

I returned home from Europe to Japan about 20 years ago through the Silk Road in two and a half months.

What is the most impressive thing about that single trip?

Countries in Central Asia (such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc)


It is the glow of children’s eyes.


It is shining, and what “power” is full.


Oh, this is a decisive difference with Japanese children .

And remained intensely in my heart.


In Japan, I heard that there are more and more children who can not express myself, expressionlessness, emotionlessness.


While participating in various seminars and study sessions / workshops, I am,


How can children develop self-expression


I have also studied the flow and mechanism of it, and I am practicing it now.


In that sense, polishing self expression and human power through football,

It is very meaningful and I feel rewarding.


I got this mail from a guardian.

Soccer is a sport that not only has fun but also sometimes experiences feelings of anger and regret feelings, while mutually affecting each other.


I think that’s exactly the case.

Experience the friction (in a good sense) with people and experience the movements of heart and mind.

And you can achieve great things by knowing the pleasure of achieving results by combining power with your colleagues.

You can experience things you can not go to your own way.

You can get “art” to control your mind.

Of course, it is impossible immediately.

Even adults, I am still immature.

You can grow “heart” through football.

That is, words, actions and attitudes,


It will be the radiance of your eyes.


May all day be a day to discover something for you today.


(^ _-) – ☆ 


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