128. Beat, farewell open

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is about failure.


Whether things succeed or not depends on how failed.


Especially the children of active type will show interest in interest to those reflected in their eyes.

I would like to take it in my hands. So I will steal your friends’ toys.

This is not a personality or bad thing, it is an owner of such temperament and a sign of curiosity.

There are many troubles and failures as much, which may annoy you.

but it’s okay. No children grow up.


Now is the time to learn from failure.


However, this can be said not only for children but also for adults.

We are urged to make “decisions” in various situations.

At the study meeting I received yesterday, the teacher ‘s teacher said this.

“Life is only once, time does not return to original.”


In other words, “time is life”


Do not make a decision, suffer, suffer Do not go around spinning the spot.


Will you fail to make a decision and learn and succeed?

Which would you choose?

By the way, there are no failures or no success unless we make a decision.

I knock on the door and it opens.

I will not open merely by standing in front of my eyes.


Which would you choose?


Hopefully the day of today will be the day of “decision” for you.


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127. Please see the situation of children and respond flexibly! Sometimes give up!

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Practice is flexible as of today! Sometimes giving up is crucial! It is a story.


If you are teaching soccer, even though you think of a menu, it does not always work as it is.

It is a matter of course because humans and humans try to bring various feelings and motivation.

The way you hold your own mind, the coach, the balance of your heart becomes very important.

Children also come to practice with various things at school, kindergarten, nursery school, home.

Sometimes I am under pressure,

Sometimes there is no restless as a whole.

In such a case, even if you try to tell something by becoming a meaning,

It will be in a state of arms pressed by the goodwill.

At such times give up the difficult practice,

Take skinship and lengthen the time of tag game.

Or you can start mini games or games.

Like MTM (Matchoo Training Match)

Match – Practice – Flow of games is fine.

Practice is important to see the situation of children and make it flexible.



Because the protagonist is not you, but a child.


Your self-satisfaction is not important. (With self-fulfilling … …)


I wish you a happy day for me today.


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126. Watching each person & how important it is to know the background is important.

Good morning. キッズのスペシャリスト、てっちゃんコーチです。Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

今日は一人ひとりを見てバックグラウンドを知り、関わり方を改めようという話です。Today is to tell each person to know the background and to change how to engage.


サッカーのコーチをしていて大切なのは、It is important to have a coach of soccer,

一人ひとりの言動を把握すること。To grasp each person’s behavior.

そして、変化に気づくこと。And noticing the change.

例えば、For example,

爪を噛む。Bite the nails. チックの症状が出ている。I have symptoms of tic. 親をチラチラ気にする。I care about my parents.

言葉遣いが急に荒くなる。The wording suddenly becomes rough. 乱暴になる。It becomes wild.

コーチのいう事を聞かなくなる。I will not hear what the coach says.

落ち着きがない。There is no restlessness. ふざけ過ぎてしまう。It’s too joking. . .


普通に考えれば話を聞いてない子どもがいれば、If there are children who have not heard the story if considered regularly,

「話を聞け!」となる。“Listen to the story!”

乱暴な子どもがいれば、If there is a rough child,

「何やってるんだ!ダメだろ!」となる。“What are you doing!


しかし、もしその子どもに、、、But if that child, …

最近、弟・妹が生まれ、愛情不足を感じている。Recently my brother / sister was born and I feel a lack of affection.

兄や姉が受験前で家庭がピリピリしている。My older brother and sister are pre-exam and my family is tingling.

パパとママの仲が悪く、いつもケンカをしている。My relationship between mom and dad is bad and I always fight.

親からのプレッシャーがきつく、いつも家庭では怒られている。The pressure from parents is tight, and I am always getting angry at home.


などのバックグラウンドをあなたが知っていたなら、If you knew the background such as,

言葉の掛け方や接し方は確実に変わっているはず。The way of putting on and touching words should surely have changed.


先日も、幼児のA君が急に落ち着きが無くなり、お友だちに乱暴になっていて不思議に思っていたら、The other day, if the infant A suddenly became restless and wondering as being frivolous with your friends,

「ママは今病院にいる」と教えてくれました。“Mommy is now in the hospital” It taught.

どうやら入院しているらしいのです。Apparently it seems he is in the hospital.


であれば、当然ハグしたりスキンシップを取ったりして、If it is, it naturally hugs and takes a skin ship,

少しでも心が落ち着くように、できる限りのことはしたい!I want to do as much as possible so that his mind calms down even a little!


気になることがあれば、親御さんに家での様子を聞きます。If there is something to worry about, ask parents about the situation at home.

親御さんからもコーチに電話やメール、直接相談もしてくれます。Parents also give me a call, e-mail, and a direct consultation to the coach.

子どもが成長するためには、コーチと親御さんが情報交換しながらFor the child to grow, while the coach and parents exchange information

コミュニケーションを取って同じベクトルで関わることが大切です。It is important to take communication and engage with the same vector.


みんなで関わり、みんなで成長するチームTeam that everyone involves and grows with everyone


をこれからも目指します!I will also aim for the future!

お金を払って子どもを預けて、ハイ終わり。Paying the money and depositing the child, the high end. . .

ではない所にこのチームの「価値」があります。There is “value” of this team where it is not.

ただのサッカーチームじゃないんです。It is not just a football team.


あ、実は、他のチームのコーチからも相談の連絡を頂くことも増えてきました。Oh, in fact, the number of contacts for consultation from other team coaches has also increased.

私にできることは何でもやりますよ~!I will do whatever I can!

質問、相談、お気軽に!Question, consultation, feel free! 連絡お待ちしております。I am waiting for your call.


今日1日があなたにとって大切な1日となりますようにMay one day be an important day for you today


★いせはらに国産木材でスタジアムを作る★★ make a stadium in the domestic wood in Isehara ★

125. Black school regulations and waiting for swings

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is about rules.

Black school regulations are also on the topic in the media.

Hair color and skirt length, lip balm prohibition, men and women dating, etc. are full of funny stories.


Originally, rules are for themselves to enjoy and safely enjoy themselves.

It should never be pressed down from above.

Even junior high school students and high school students can judge right and wrong, and I think so extra.


The moral development theory of Swiss psychologist, Piaget, is very interesting.

It is the idea that moral judgment will develop with the development of children.

In early childhood, the rules are absolute things given by adults.

Defend rules from the fear of being punished if you break.

In childhood, the rules talk to each other.


In kindergarten’s youth, toys and swings get along with your teacher! Follow the order!

What was said,

When you become a senior or elementary school student, you can decide the order, number of times, time, etc. by themselves.


In other words, from “morality of restraint” to “morality of cooperation”.

It evolves from “heteronomous morality” to “autonomous morality”.


Well, as the junior high and high school students are restrained, the current situation of Japan that rules are being kept alike.

What will happen to our children unless we leave management education. . .

Let’s change it from early childhood education / soccer world!


I wish you a happy day for you today.


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124. Are you sticking good, bad, normal child labels?

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Have you labeled your children today? It is a story.


“You are a great girl ~”

“You are a good kid, are not you ~”

Praise words such as praise, may actually be counterproductive even if you intend to praise.

It is important to note that if the child is small, it will sound straight to the heart.

Children, of course, do not want you to be disliked.

Then, what kind of thinking will be ,,,,

“If you are not a good girl you think …”

And acts unconsciously.


If you fail, you get angry. To children who can not challenge. . .


The words “baby child” and “good child” you use casually (casually) means that you put the label on your child.

Notice the small change of the child, acknowledge it and make it words.

Let’s tell by I message.


~ Summary of today ~

  • Do not affix a good child’s label.


  • Do not limit actions.


  • Accept failure.


  • I will not get angry.


  • I make small changes to words.


  • Tell in I message.


I wish you a happy day for you all day today.


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123. Active type child? president or inventor!

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is an active type story.


eh! What? Your child is completely restless?

That’s fine! It is a big deal in the future!

Anyway active among the five temperament! Behaviorist! Active! Whatsoever

It is “active type”.

I will act before thinking.

I jump to the things that are in my eyes.

Find a toy you want and straight out!

So, I do not quarrel.

You are troubled. . .


But back to back ,,,


“Be active!”


“Challenging spirit!”



You can also catch it.


Every social leader in the world has the ability to act!


Then, what can you do with such promising children?

I can not take my eyes off when I am small, and the fight starts soon, I do not feel bad ~ (cry)

But in a few more years it will be calm!

The important thing is,


“That’s no good!” “This is no good!”


Do not press down on actions.

It is a point to grow freely and freely.


During the football lesson, the 3 – year – old girl who was running anyway and not practicing has become calmer and able to hear the story of the coach quite a bit now.

On the contrary, there are even sitting in the first place decided.


Please do.

Please do not brake the “challenge spirit” born with much trouble.

That’s no good, this is no good,

“Let’s sit in this chair”

“Look at the eyes of the coach”

Using concrete expressions such as,

Let’s not include information on things we can not do, things we should not do.

Of course, do not forget to recognize what you can do and convey your gratitude. . .


May all day be a smiley day for you.


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122.6 years old is confident! Confidence from self-affirmation!

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is about a 6 year old child.


The Japan Kids Coaching Association will look at the growth of the mind in seven steps from cognitive development psychology.

The next step for a child to grow up a thoughtful mind at the age of 5 ,,,,





Where do you think confidence comes from?


As one of the major factors,




there is.

There is a survey result that Japanese children have lower self-affirmation compared with each country.

I think whether there is a problem of education,

I think the influence of parents is great.


Pouring affection with sufficient skinship and communication.

Hugging and talking.

Be careful of the usual voice call.

Do not get misunderstood that the child is not the possession of the parent.

Respect the child as one person.

I feel that these are not enough.


Incidentally, Kids Coaching recommends holding for seven seconds.

Because it is called “happy hormone” or “affection hormone”

“Oxytocin” is secreted.


How do you relate to your child when you go to bed?

In the evening, the speech and relationships on the verge of sleep are transmitted directly to the subconscious mind.

I fall asleep with anguish and uneasy feelings,

With being hugged and falling asleep with a happy feeling,

It is the difference between heaven and earth.


Of course, please give enough love to children in front of now, not limited to 6 years old.


Your child,


“It was good with your children!


To be able to think. . .


I hope the day will be happy for you all day.


(^ _-) – ☆ Tetsu


★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★