123. Active type child? president or inventor!

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is an active type story.


eh! What? Your child is completely restless?

That’s fine! It is a big deal in the future!

Anyway active among the five temperament! Behaviorist! Active! Whatsoever

It is “active type”.

I will act before thinking.

I jump to the things that are in my eyes.

Find a toy you want and straight out!

So, I do not quarrel.

You are troubled. . .


But back to back ,,,


“Be active!”


“Challenging spirit!”



You can also catch it.


Every social leader in the world has the ability to act!


Then, what can you do with such promising children?

I can not take my eyes off when I am small, and the fight starts soon, I do not feel bad ~ (cry)

But in a few more years it will be calm!

The important thing is,


“That’s no good!” “This is no good!”


Do not press down on actions.

It is a point to grow freely and freely.


During the football lesson, the 3 – year – old girl who was running anyway and not practicing has become calmer and able to hear the story of the coach quite a bit now.

On the contrary, there are even sitting in the first place decided.


Please do.

Please do not brake the “challenge spirit” born with much trouble.

That’s no good, this is no good,

“Let’s sit in this chair”

“Look at the eyes of the coach”

Using concrete expressions such as,

Let’s not include information on things we can not do, things we should not do.

Of course, do not forget to recognize what you can do and convey your gratitude. . .


May all day be a smiley day for you.


★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★


投稿者: 一場 哲宏

1973年3月29日生まれ、千葉市出身。日本体育大学に進学後、ドイツのケルン体育大学にて交換留学生として4年間サッカーの指導法を学ぶ。ケルンの街クラブで5・6才カテゴリーの監督を務めた。以降、イギリス・ロンドンの日本人向け幼稚園や湘南ベルマーレなど国内外で指導。2013年から6年間のFCしらゆりシーガルス監督を経て、2019年に一般社団法人伊勢原FCフォレストを設立。同代表理事。 指導者B級ライセンス、キッズリーダーインストラクター、幼稚園教諭一種、保育士、JAKC公認キッズコーチングエキスパートの資格を持つ。



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