122.6 years old is confident! Confidence from self-affirmation!

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is about a 6 year old child.


The Japan Kids Coaching Association will look at the growth of the mind in seven steps from cognitive development psychology.

The next step for a child to grow up a thoughtful mind at the age of 5 ,,,,





Where do you think confidence comes from?


As one of the major factors,




there is.

There is a survey result that Japanese children have lower self-affirmation compared with each country.

I think whether there is a problem of education,

I think the influence of parents is great.


Pouring affection with sufficient skinship and communication.

Hugging and talking.

Be careful of the usual voice call.

Do not get misunderstood that the child is not the possession of the parent.

Respect the child as one person.

I feel that these are not enough.


Incidentally, Kids Coaching recommends holding for seven seconds.

Because it is called “happy hormone” or “affection hormone”

“Oxytocin” is secreted.


How do you relate to your child when you go to bed?

In the evening, the speech and relationships on the verge of sleep are transmitted directly to the subconscious mind.

I fall asleep with anguish and uneasy feelings,

With being hugged and falling asleep with a happy feeling,

It is the difference between heaven and earth.


Of course, please give enough love to children in front of now, not limited to 6 years old.


Your child,


“It was good with your children!


To be able to think. . .


I hope the day will be happy for you all day.


(^ _-) – ☆ Tetsu


★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★


投稿者: 一場 哲宏

1973年3月29日生まれ、千葉市出身。日本体育大学に進学後、ドイツのケルン体育大学にて交換留学生として4年間サッカーの指導法を学ぶ。ケルンの街クラブで5・6才カテゴリーの監督を務めた。以降、イギリス・ロンドンの日本人向け幼稚園や湘南ベルマーレなど国内外で指導。2013年から6年間のFCしらゆりシーガルス監督を経て、2019年に一般社団法人伊勢原FCフォレストを設立。同代表理事。 指導者B級ライセンス、キッズリーダーインストラクター、幼稚園教諭一種、保育士、JAKC公認キッズコーチングエキスパートの資格を持つ。



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