113. I learned all the important wisdom in my life from kindergarten soccer (ideal guidance 5 years old)

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today, I am talking about 5 years old.

Speaking of 5 years old, I think that it is time to start soccer soon.

If you are the first football coach in life for a child in front of you, the responsibility is serious!

There are many opportunities to learn something important in life through soccer.


Soccer is fun! It is not an exaggeration to say that the life of the child will be decided depending on whether it is not, or not.


By the way, in kids’ coaching , the power to be acquired at the age of 5 with a child who took up with patience and effort at the age of 4 is considered “consideration”.

I think that at the age of 4, I am controlling my feelings, feelings to endure, and so on.

Then, at the age of 5, you will be able to sympathize with your opponent and think from the standpoint of the other party.

I am becoming able to understand not only my own argument but also others, and the kindness of compassion and compassion to the partner grows up.

Even if you are watching senior soccer, you often worry about calling out as soon as there is a fallen friend saying “Are you OK?”

Before the game you will be able to sit round in the group, and you can also have a strategy conference.

While speaking your own opinion, you can hear conversations that empathize with your friends’ opinions, such as “Oh!

Sometimes I have an idea with someone.

Let’s work hard as a team! I also grow up a mind to cherish your consciousness and friends.

Soccer is team sports. A 5-year-old is standing on that start line.


All important things in life can be learned with football.



May all day be full of hope for you today.


★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★


投稿者: 一場 哲宏

1973年3月29日生まれ、千葉市出身。日本体育大学に進学後、ドイツのケルン体育大学にて交換留学生として4年間サッカーの指導法を学ぶ。ケルンの街クラブで5・6才カテゴリーの監督を務めた。以降、イギリス・ロンドンの日本人向け幼稚園や湘南ベルマーレなど国内外で指導。2013年から6年間のFCしらゆりシーガルス監督を経て、2019年に一般社団法人伊勢原FCフォレストを設立。同代表理事。 指導者B級ライセンス、キッズリーダーインストラクター、幼稚園教諭一種、保育士、JAKC公認キッズコーチングエキスパートの資格を持つ。



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