108. Teaser of joint exercises to improve the tactics, skills and independence of soccer

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today, do not you share the ways in which children’s tactics and skills improve and yet develop nurturing personality? It is a story.

Recently, the lower grades practice matches, not just playing games, but practicing jointly.

Never ah! Do it! Instead of being instructed to practice and practice, we will continue to ask the children questions.

By doing so,

I want them to recognize themselves and get their own learning.

Moreover, both “tactics comprehension degree” and “technology that can be used in practice” improve both.

Since I can not quite tell it in the text of a blog, I think that I can tell it directly at the actual instruction site.

Rather than doing the practice exclusively with our team, sometimes by doing it with other teams, the coaches will notice various things.

Basically, let’s improve by themselves! It is impossible to do anything and everyone will join forces to increase the number of good teams! Children, coaches and parents will grow! There is an idea.

This trial has already started.

Thanks to you, I have received many voices saying “I’ve learned so much!” “I want to incorporate even my own team!”

There is nothing I’m happy about.

I appreciate you and everyone who reads it ♪

I want to grow each other while exchanging opinions in the 1st to 3rd grade categories! I think.

We are waiting for contact 😃

I wish you a day to be able to challenge something for you today.


★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★


投稿者: 一場 哲宏

1973年3月29日生まれ、千葉市出身。日本体育大学に進学後、ドイツのケルン体育大学にて交換留学生として4年間サッカーの指導法を学ぶ。ケルンの街クラブで5・6才カテゴリーの監督を務めた。以降、イギリス・ロンドンの日本人向け幼稚園や湘南ベルマーレなど国内外で指導。2013年から6年間のFCしらゆりシーガルス監督を経て、2019年に一般社団法人伊勢原FCフォレストを設立。同代表理事。 指導者B級ライセンス、キッズリーダーインストラクター、幼稚園教諭一種、保育士、JAKC公認キッズコーチングエキスパートの資格を持つ。



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