97. Soccer, brawl, broken beer bottle, police. I will surely die if I play here .

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today is about “the difference in ball intensity between Japan and overseas”.

I am engaged in football for several years in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK etc. What is the biggest difference with Japan? I will answer “the intensity of the ball” or “the difference of the seriousness” when asked.

When I was coaching in U6 (infant team) in Germany, I was shocked by the difference in seriousness with Japanese people.

They were crying, not to mention the game of league game, as well as the game in practice.

I also do tackle, and it is normal to knock down with sliding, and I will give you full play to playfully.

The point is, I do not want to lose.

I belonged to a team of professionals and played, but the game is going to be a brawl one day and the beer bottle begins to throw, the police come. . . There was something.

This is not limited to football, racial issues are deeply involved.

People from various countries gather at the park often play games, but that is never “play.”

When I make a mistake, the word “Shaise! (Shit!)” Always flies. That word is saying for myself.

Even with grass football, although playing, it is not a fun. (Sweat)

A few years ago, a Japanese junior high school student team came to the expedition in the Netherlands.

Together I was watching the Dutch high school student’s game, but with the bossots ,,,

“I will surely die if I play here “

I was putting out.

Of course.

I watched the game at pitch and saw the body and body, meat and meat colliding with me nearly, so I heard the dull sound that bones and bones collide with each other.

What I want to convey.

That means that the violence in the ball is different.

However, unfortunately the expression “different intensities in the sphere is different” can not be understood at all. . .

“seeing is believing”

Does anyone go abroad together?

I hope the day will be exciting for you all day.


★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★


投稿者: 一場 哲宏

1973年3月29日生まれ、千葉市出身。日本体育大学に進学後、ドイツのケルン体育大学にて交換留学生として4年間サッカーの指導法を学ぶ。ケルンの街クラブで5・6才カテゴリーの監督を務めた。以降、イギリス・ロンドンの日本人向け幼稚園や湘南ベルマーレなど国内外で指導。2013年から6年間のFCしらゆりシーガルス監督を経て、2019年に一般社団法人伊勢原FCフォレストを設立。同代表理事。 指導者B級ライセンス、キッズリーダーインストラクター、幼稚園教諭一種、保育士、JAKC公認キッズコーチングエキスパートの資格を持つ。



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