93. A little tips on teaching of 2 year olds

Good morning. Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

I have talked about 3 years old and 4 years old so far, so I am 5 years old this time! I think that I would like to be two years old.

Children grow by step by step in order of seven steps.

* Please refer to the Japan Kids Coaching Association .

A 2 year old child is a time to nurture “concentration”.

When I was 1 years old, I got a challenge to be interested and girls who stimulated “motivation”

A child who has tasted a small sense of accomplishment will be born at the age of two, a “questing heart.”

Therefore, “concentration” is cultivated.

My girls were playing with blocks, lego, building blocks etc at that time.

I wonder why, whether rice or not, do not you hear your voice when you concentrate on playing? I thought it was.

I could not see him even at home, where did he go? I was playing with the core of toilet paper and empty milk carton in the corner of the room.

Since it is important to foster concentration during this period,

“When you are interested in playing, leave it alone”

That is ironic rule.

And, of course, 2 years old is said to be “Year period”.

It is an intense period of self-assertion and sticking.

I want to tell my thoughts but I can not express well in words, so I will lose my temper.

Do not you think this is natural?

Teach words such as “Please help me” or “Tell me.”

It is important for adults to prompt well.

Surely I will be absorbed in playing and concentrating again.

Well, how do you teach in football?

There are phrases you listen frequently in the parent’s language.

“Because it is soccer, do not use your hands!”

“Use your feet!”

No! I do not know the rule of football yet when I am two years old ~ (sweat)

The important thing is to play with a ball whether it is a hand or a foot.

The ball is round, soft, rolling, bouncing.

Rolling, grasping, throwing, kicking, running, chasing the movement of the ball with eyes, etc.

If you can experience various movements while playing with parents or coaches it is OK.

Please note that here,

Individual differences exist very much in the growth of children


Even at the same age of 2, what we can do changes considerably depending on the age of the age.

Let’s enjoy playing with the ball anyway and taking the skin ship anyway without comparing with other children.

~ Summary of today ~

  • 2 years old time to cultivate concentration
  • If you are absorbed in playing, leave it soft
  • Let me acquire the technique to teach and express words
  • I do not mind football, I play with the ball
  • It is not compared with other children

May all day be like a day to be exciting for you!

(^ _-) – ☆ Tetsu

★ Make Isehara a stadium with domestic timber ★



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