86. Relationship between ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ (coach edition)

Good morning.

Kids’ specialist, Tetchan coach.

Today, let’s explore the relationship between “teaching” and “learning” together.

This time, I will focus on the teaching side, ie coaches and teachers.

In Japan, “teaching” can be defined as a coach (teacher) can communicate knowledge to children.

A child memorizes knowledge by heart.

And in the test you will be checked how much you can memorize.

In football, coaches teach skills and tactics just for children.

The method is expressed as “one way”, “simultaneous lesson”, “simultaneous education”.

Coach (teacher) ⇒ Child

It is an arrow called.

And that is nothing limited to school education.

It can be said that it is similar in company training and society in general.

A coach and a teacher are trying to communicate something hard to their children.

This looks nice, is not it? . .

Nothing is wrong with that.

There are times when it is necessary.

You have to teach the basics.


However, if the teaching stance has been one way all the way,

For whom? It will become.

By the way, there is a person named Socrates who is one of the people I admire.

Yes, that is an ancient Greek philosopher.

He talked with a dialogue like “Questioning Method” or “Midwifery Surgery”

“Collaborative quest”

It took the form of.

In other words,

Let yourself think by asking the other person,

Let’s search for answers together!

It’s style.

And the most interesting thing is the following.

  • There are things that teach you can make mistakes.
  • Mistaking is part of the process.

how is it?

This is not a one-way street, the arrow points in both directions.

Coach (teacher) ⇔ Child

Teaching side ⇔ learning side

In other words, the coach is no bigger than the child. . .

You can say that you are a friend to learn together.

I like this way of thinking,

I would always like to have this if possible.

As a coach

As a parent. . .

From now on, the school guidelines, the kindergarten education guidelines and nursery school nursery guidelines are both

It will change more and more.

It is also important to have cognitive abilities that can be measured with tests and IQ.

However, it can not be measured with numerical values ​​such as strength to control, communication skills, emotions, etc.,

“Unrecognized ability”

The era of the future will become more important.

That’s right. You already noticed.

You can nurture that “non-cognitive ability” in soccer and sports.

Our Shirayuri coaches are learning with children through football.

While failing or making a mistake. . .


~ Summary of today ~

  • Teaching and learning is not a one-way street.
  • The arrows of the teaching side and the learning side are bidirectional.
  • There are things that can be mistaken for teaching. That is the process.
  • You can nurture uncognitive abilities in football.


May all day be a wonderful day for you to learn something.

(^ _-) – ☆ Tetsu

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